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Trump, Trudeau to discuss women in workforce Ivanka Trump stressed the importance of maternity leave and child care on the campaign trail, and has recently been meeting with business leaders to discuss those issues. The White House official said that Trump's economic agenda will include a "focus on ensuring women enter and stay in the work force and addressing barriers facing female entrepreneurs." The official requested anonymity to provide details in advance of the meeting. Advancing women has been a clear priority for Trudeau. In late 2015, he drew attention for naming a Cabinet that was 50 percent women, saying that he chose a group that "looks like Canada." Trump did not promise to appoint a gender-balanced Cabinet and has named a smaller number of women and minorities to top jobs. "Our team reached out and suggested as it is an important part of the prime minister's agenda and of our economic growth plan," a Canadian official said. "It seemed like a natural fit given their commitments in their platform as well." The official requested anonymity to discuss the meeting in advance. Trump has offered a childcare plan and has signaled an interest in working on those issues. The business round table will be part of an itinerary that includes a bilateral meeting and a working lunch. The visit is crucial for Canada, which relies heavily on the United States for trade.