Picking Out Effective Systems In Wedding Gowns

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She only recently made her first public appearance since it happened, and shes looking a lot different. A barely bejeweled, reserved woman has replaced the gaudy Kardashian we relied on to always be blinged out. Onher first trip overseas since the incident, Kimhas been seen in a slew of new jewelry items, all of which are considerably less flashy than her old go-tos. Instead of one of her diamond chokers , she stepped out in a simple gold necklace with the name of her town, Calabasas, on it. TMZ reports that its a custom piece from XIV Karats, which sells similar items for $500 a major price cut for the millionaire. Another piece thats become a staple post-heist is Kims gold lip ring, which she wears in the center of her bottom lip. But most noticeably or unnoticeably is the ring shes wearing on her ring finger, which has replaced the $4 million emerald-cut ring that was stolen. First, Kim stopped wearing a wedding band altogether, but then rumors started swirling that she and her husband, Kanye West, were splitting. So she opted for a simple, thin, diamond-encrusted band that isbarely noticeable and very dainty in other words, so not Kim K. She is almost unrecognizable in such a subdued piece. Kim clearly hasnt changed all that much, however.

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